A Little Business Casual!

Saturday, January 18, 2020 Pittsburgh, PA, USA

We Mixed The Patterns...♥

Raise your hand if you can't remember the last time you got all dressed up ...

I raised my hand.
I work a dirty job. I'm a processor at a thrift store. That’s honestly just a fancy way of saying that I spend hours sorting through people’s donations and deciding what can be sold and for how much. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s downright disgusting. I could write stories about the items I’ve found while processing…horror stories.

Because of my occupation I spend weekdays wearing work sweatshirts, pants that are covered in paint from my last job, and giant socks that I stuff into my moccasins for comfort. I come home covered in dust, dirt, and who knows what else. (You don’t want to know. I don’t even want to know.)

On the weekends I give my legging the TLC they deserve, and they hug my booty the way that makes me adore them. Weekends are spent catching up on school assignments, trips to therapy and time spent with my daughter & boyfriend so leggings and cozy sweaters are my go-to.

As much as I love fashion and getting dolled up, life never stops happening and I very rarely have the time or the reasons to be all dressed up. *Insert Dad joke about being all dressed up with nowhere to go.*

I took a moment yesterday to try on some new clothes. (Well, new to me…) I’m a hand me down and thrift shop girl. I’ve been thrifting since I was young, and I really love it but also, I’m broke y’all and therefore cannot pass up a bargain! A friend handed me a couple bags of clothes to go through the other day, so I naturally had to try everything on and have a mini fashion show. It was a very exclusive fashion show. Party of one.

I kind of loved this outfit which is why I’m sharing it. All dolled up to freeze outside in front of camera while my dad gave me silly looks for it!

The moral of this story is that I felt heckin’ cute in this Bershka top and this grid patterned Lee pant. I look like I’m out here achieving goals and maybe firing a couple people while I’m at it! I also feel like I look more my age when I've got a business casual thing happening and that's actually terrifying to me.

This has been an Outfit of The Day post! Thank you for paying attention to me. Let me know if you've located the fountain of youth. I wrote this post while wearing legging and a sweater you can find in the little girls section of Target. BYE!

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