I guess this is just a life update!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I guess this is just a life update! 

Things are changing. Life is funny. We're rolling with it.

I should hopefully have my degree by the end of the year. 🤞 My classes right now are focused on communication and web design. I'm also taking an Italian class! The plan is to get dual citizenship in the future! I have to look into it more but this is truly something that I want to achieve in the next couple of years. 

I am still happily in love with my best friend. We'll celebrate our 3 year anniversary this year! I could go on about him forever, but the point is that I couldn't be happier in love. 

Aubs is still hilarious and ridiculous! We have a real Gilmore Girls thing happening between us and I'm living for it. She's a little weirder than Rory though. I've also been binge-watching Gilmore Girls. 😅

Like most moms, I have a lot on my plate but I'm handling it with a smile. (& with my support system backing me up.) Insert long spiel about a bigger plan, divine timing, trusting the process, karma ... etc. 

Life's good! Things are weird. I'm here for it. 

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