My Travel Bucket List!

Saturday, April 10, 2021 Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Travel bucket list

I've traveled a good bit in my life. I was born and raised right outside Pittsburgh which is where I currently reside. I spent two years living in Great Falls, Montana, and then four years living near Brussels in Belgium. While in Belgium I traveled to Germany, The Netherlands, France, The UK, and Italy. I've traveled by plane, train, and boat & I'm so ready to do it all again with my daughter and my boyfriend by my side. 

I don't really have a favorite place that I've traveled to. They all have their gold and their quirks. Amsterdam smells like weed and you will probably see somebody naked. (I'll let you decide if those are negatives or positives!) France has a lot of people trying to sell you things, the architecture is unbelievable, and never order a hot dog from a street vendor. Rome is a must-see but remember to travel outside of the city when you visit ... and bring your stretchy pants. The sky over Germany looks like you could reach up and grab it and you must visit a Christmas market in the winter. The Netherlands has beautiful scenery and don't forget to pack your allergy meds. 

I've seen the Eiffel Tower multiple times and every time is like the first. The Gelato doesn't get any better. Belgium is full of kind people and amazing cooks. Please travel. Travel far. 

My travel bucket list


  • Japan - This is our number one! We're thinking maybe a honeymoon vacation someday. I'm interested in Kyoto and Tokyo, but we also want to travel while we're there. 
  • Greece - I need to ride on a hot air balloon over Santorini! 
  • Venice, Italy - I've been to Rome and Abruzzo, but I want to visit the canals in Venice. 
  • Spain - I've always wanted to be sitting topless on a beach in Spain. I'm not sure why but it has been on my mind for years
  • Switzerland - The scenery and the castles! 

I know I'll think of more after I hit post, but here are the top five places I would love to visit outside of the United States!

I actually have a Pinterest board dedicated to all the places I want to travel to with my boyfriend someday.
You can check it out HERE

When the world heals and it's safe to travel again ... you should. 
Everyone should leave home for a little while.

Heart Smiles,

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